Kissi almost lost it

We’re still caught up in the excitement of this year’s race to the White House. I must say thank you to our readers who called, e-mailed or just stopped by to say they enjoyed the picture page we created in the last issue. We hit the streets to ask people whom they are supporting and we got great responses. Regardless of the candidate, supporters were very passionate about their choice for President.

While the page came out great, the road to that greatness was a very rocky one. You see laying out the paper is not like putting together a newsletter in a user-friendly program. There is no template with boxes that read, “put text here” or “click here to place photo.” We do this thing from scratch. Every word, column, graphic, line, and box is created by one of our designers. So to get 19 photos, the accompanying quotes and some text on the page in an easy-to-read and eye-pleasing format is no simple task.  I have to be honest: I thought this was going to be the thing that pushed Kissi over the edge. She had the page laid out one way, and then came Val. After the dust settled, we were left with what you got. If our lives were a movie, where the music would start playing to alert you of something to come, the soundtrack for that night would have been “don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head, ah huh huh huh!”

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