Monthly Archives: January 2008

It’s a new year!

Things picked up pretty quickly around On Common Ground News after the New Year. We’re all getting back into the swing of things and sticking with our resolutions. I read somewhere that people give up on their resolutions before the end of January. We are definitely trying to stay out of that category.

In the weight department, our editor, Valerie, has everyone beat. She has lost 25 pounds and has kept if off for about a year. Our goal is to catch up with her. I finally got Richard, our advertising manager, to take our “before” picture. 


 Richard is taking charge of our walking routine. He said we’re going to start going over to the Mall at Stonecrest on our lunch break and walk. Our next-door neighbor Rita said she wants to join us. Glenn, our publisher, says he can’t wait. In the last six months, he has lost 25 pounds. The more people, the better to keep us motivated. Plus, multi-tasking is great. We can shop and get our workout on at the same time.

My secret weight loss weapon is Weight Watchers. I signed up last week and it hasn’t been as hard as I expected. I say that now, but the true test is when I weigh in on Saturday. Every time I even think about putting something in my mouth, Richard yells out “How many points is that?”  It’s all about sticking with it.

Speaking of sticking with something, the award goes to Valerie. She has been a real trooper. Her little toe has been bothering her, so she went to see her podiatrist, Dr. Naim Shaheed, at Ankle and Foot. Dr. Shaheed said she’s going to have to get different shoes—wider and flatter. It couldn’t have happened to a worse person because Valerie loves shoes. She loves heels, pumps and boots and owns about 100 pairs.


But being the hard worker that she is, after she hobbled back to the office with a shoe on one foot and a brown paper bag on the other, Valerie headed to the City of Lithonia to cover the new mayor’s installation. At least the bag matched her outfit.

This month, we celebrated another birthday around here. Our photograph, David, is one year wiser. We’ll wish Val a happy birthday on Jan. 29. It has become the office tradition to get a card and a cake for the honoree’s special day. So we all got a piece of cheesecake for David’s birthday. It was one of the variety pack cheesecakes. It had strawberry, New York style, chocolate swirl and turtle crunch. It was delicious. I know, I know, “How many points was that?”