Mega deadline for mega churches under investigation is here

Today is the deadline for the mega churches under investigation to turn over their financial statements in accordance with the investigation by Sen. Grassley. The two churches headed by African Americans – World Changers Church and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church – both in metro Atlanta, have said they won’t turn over the information with a subpoena. They said the request violates the protection offered to churches under the Constitution. Joyce Meyers has turned over the requested documents Benny Hinn said he needs until Jan. 31 to respond. Kenneth Copeland and Randy and Paula White have yet to respond.

It will be interesting to see what will happen from here.  I still have  problem with these Pastors being singled out. There are many others that live the same “lifestyle” as these, yet they are not under investigation. Why is that?

Dr. Dollar and Bishop Long have all right to request a subpoena. Can the senate just “request” to see the books of any business and get it? Can they send you a letter in the mail “requesting” to see how your money is spent? So why is it different with these churches. 


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