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All I want for Christmas

In the spirit of the season, I asked everyone in the office what things top their wish lists this year. Here’ what they said.

 The Pig PinkValerie wants her whole family to ride the Pig Pink at Lenox Mall. She’s still trying to convince her son, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall, to sit in the seat with her.

iPodGlenn would like to unwrap an iPod on Christmas morning.

playstation3.jpgEmmanuel would be happy with a PS3 until the tree

 stella-tokyo-jk-white.jpgKissi wants a leather motorcycle outfit to wear when she’s riding her bike.

 paris.jpgSharlene wishes for a trip to Paris

 chateau_elan_pedicure_room.jpgDebra wants to spend a day at Chateau Elan being pampered

 hawaii.jpgFran would enjoy a trip to Hawaii.

 bag.jpg Me, I would like a big purse in burnt orange leather. I got a red one last year and if you ever see me around the Mall At Stonecrest or out covering an event, you know I wear it with everything. It’s a little pop of color that makes me happy.


U.S. President Cynthia McKinney?

DeKalb County’s Cynthia McKinney is trying to make a political comeback since losing to Congressman Hank Johnson in 2006. The six-term Congresswoman now wants to be President of the United States. She has officially announced her candidacy and is running under the Green Party.On her website,, McKinney has a seven-minute video outlining her bid for the office. McKinney makes the second African American running for the position.In recent months, McKinney has been traveling across the nation to muster up the support needed to get her name on the ballot. She must raise $5,000 in at least 20 states to meet the threshold requirements to run.McKinney will face candidates Jared Ball, Jesse Johnson, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift and draft candidates Elaine Brown and Ralph Nader for the Green Party nomination. Share your thoughts.

Obama being sued?

A politician in Georgia is suing the Obama campaign for defamtion. Angela Moore planned a fundraiser for Obama that was going to be held on Dec. 21.  She said she was in constant contact with the campaign this whole time. She’s spent $25,000 planning the event.  At some point, the campaign decided they didn’t want to have anything to do with the event. Apparently, Moore and her partner could be considered a PAC, and Obama doesn’t accept contributions from PACs. So they shut her down.

This is where the story makes a turn. Instead of the Atlanta campaign washing their hands of the situation, one member took it upon herself to call other people involved with the fundraising event, telling them that Moore is a fraud and is engaging in illegal activities (this according to Moore). The problem is that Moore is herself a politician. So now, her reputation has been changed from community activist to crook. Personally, I think she’s been wronged, but hey I’m no lawyer.

It’s funny that this situation has happened and it’s being kept on the hush, and this morning I read on the wire Clinton apologized to Obama about comments made from her camp. Huh! sounds like the same situation to me.

Now, if Moore wasn’t following the rules, then yes, shut her down. But to start making calls and comments, that crossed the line. Even Obama knows how important a politician’s reputation is. Especially in local elections.

Mega deadline for mega churches under investigation is here

Today is the deadline for the mega churches under investigation to turn over their financial statements in accordance with the investigation by Sen. Grassley. The two churches headed by African Americans – World Changers Church and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church – both in metro Atlanta, have said they won’t turn over the information with a subpoena. They said the request violates the protection offered to churches under the Constitution. Joyce Meyers has turned over the requested documents Benny Hinn said he needs until Jan. 31 to respond. Kenneth Copeland and Randy and Paula White have yet to respond.

It will be interesting to see what will happen from here.  I still have  problem with these Pastors being singled out. There are many others that live the same “lifestyle” as these, yet they are not under investigation. Why is that?

Dr. Dollar and Bishop Long have all right to request a subpoena. Can the senate just “request” to see the books of any business and get it? Can they send you a letter in the mail “requesting” to see how your money is spent? So why is it different with these churches. 

Is Grady on life support?

Grady Memorial hospital in Atlanta just got a new board, which is supposed to help save the ailing county hospital. It’s the largest provider of care to the poor and uninsured in the state, yet it is not state supported. Only two counties- DeKalb and Fulton- contribute tax dollars to keep the facility open.  There is something about this that just doesn’t seem right.

The hospital has the best burn unit and trauma center in the region (not just the state). Which means, if you live in Cobb and your house burns down with you in it, guess where they’re taking you? If you live in Henry and you run your car into a ditch, guess where you’re going? That’s right folks, straight to Grady! But when it’s time to pay the bills, guess who’s paying? Not Cobb and Henry. Only Fulton and DeKalb.

This year, the two counties contributed $125 million to the hospital. The numbers show that $44 million of service is given to people who live outside of the two counties every year. So if the hospital in on the hole, why is it so hard to see these counties need to start coughing up money for the service they use?

I’m no politician, but it just makes sense. Since the entire State utlizes the hospital, some contributions should come from the state level.