Preachers under investigation

What in the world is going on? A senator in Iowa is calling for an investigation into the finances of six pastors, one of which is Bishop Eddie L. Long, senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist church in Lithonia.

Although I don’t attend New Birth, I often times find myself defending the church. New Birth is VERY active in the community, and much of the work is never printed in major newspapers or broadcast on the television. People are unaware of the resources available at the church to anyone who is interested. You don’t have to be a member. They are also unaware of the support the church gives to those in need. But whenever the issue of money in church comes up, people think something unethical is going on.

Let’s be honest people, ministry is not free. It takes money to run a ministry, and even more to run a successful one. I’m sure New Birth has to write a check to Georgia Power every month, just like the rest of us. And I’m sure its a tidy sum.

My big question is why do so many people have a problem with megachurches and the men who lead them? What is the issue? Why these six? All pastors should be watching this case closely, because whatever happens, the results are going to affect alot of other ministries.


11 responses to “Preachers under investigation

  1. Now that religion has pratically ended in Europe,the same phenomenon is repeating itself in America.Yes “Babylon the Great”,the worldwide false religion must go.No mercy!

  2. For centuries,humankind has suffered a lot because religion.Christendom has been a very bloody religious organization.Just think about the crusades and you’ll be convinced that christendom is counterfeit of the true christianity.Those pastors and immoral priests must go!

  3. In all organizations there are good guys and bad guys. I think Jehovah’s witnesses are the good guys in term of religion.We should not assume that all religion is bad.

  4. I believe that their is something wrong with any church that spends money on a 23,000 dollar marble toilet. Private jets, rolls royces not one but two etc. I’m not hateing I like nice things also. The problem is that I work every day with kids who may or may not have enough to eat when they get home from school. I work with a community of people who may never sit on that marble toilet or own a bently or any other luxury car. When a young girl tells you that her goals in life are not to be a drug user or crack addict like others in her neighborhood I do believe that many church people have lost focus on why the church exist. You can have all these things like the so called worldly people or you can sacrifice many of your fleshly desires to give more than is expected from us. How can you have all these material things and justify it when their hasn’t been a dent in poverty as long I can remember ? I just don’t get it. Why not have one bently and used the other money to feed even more people. The investigation is good if it only gets the church back on track.

  5. kswsab,
    I understand your point, but the church DOES do the things you suggest. Is it not possible to do both? Is the church never off the hook when it comes to helping folks? If the church spends $350,000 to feed the homeless AND affords its pastor this type of lifestyle, is that wrong? One church cannot do it all.

  6. I agree some churches do things to help those less fortunate, but to be honest I feel that, for some, it is for show. I had a friend that was a member of NB. There was a fire in her apartment complex and she lost everything. We along with managment at our job called NB to let them know that a member was in need, we were told by the church secretary that there were no funds available to assist her. My friend would go broke putting money into this church. Now granted, that is not bishops fault because she didn’t speak with him directly. However, his staff represents the church and you cannot tell me a mega church does not have the funds. These are reasons why people have a problem with mega churches and all the money these ministers are making. Yes, actors make millions. However, they are not our church leader. We do not go to them for salvation, we go to the chucrh.

  7. I always try try to model myself after Christ of course I will never and could never be as He. When I think of the Pastors of some of these Mega churches I often wonder if any of them could be like the twelve disciples. When Jesus commanded Matthew a tax collector to come with him he left without hesitating. I’m sure that he left behind a whole lot of material things probably the equivilent of todays luxury cars, homes etc. It’s called sacrificing our fleshly desires in order to do the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their’s not a lot of that going on today. A million dollar pent house in New York City, a 23,000 marble toilet, private planes, estates, Bently’s etc. Yes we can be prosperous but to what extent that we loose focus on what is really important ,not ourselves but GODS people.

  8. Ahhh i am so happy that these prophets for profit are being exposed for their excessive lifestyle…. in the name of christ…..rev. ike was one of the 1st african americans to spear head this prosperity ministry.. then father divine and the daddy grace came along and took pimpin the pulpit to another level but as for the mega-church…WOW!!! can you say ka-ching…i hate to answer to YAHWEH for using his name for personal gain… i do believe in christanity and NO!!!! (TRASHTHEM) jehova witnesses are not christians they were originally called russellites.. and catholics (crusades) arent christian either….long story…i’ll be glad to explain some other time….what we have is no different from our government people in position abusing power,position,and money…..and those that are trying so hard to do right being overlooked or over shadowed….but their are good honest men and women out there….as for a pastor living a lifestyle that borders HERODian…ummmm it’s all wrong….read 1 Timothy 6:5 will give you a whole different outlook…..a man or woman of YAHWEH should have access to finances to bless people in times of trouble but 2 rolls royces luxury private jets……my question to that is WWJD…………what would JESUS do..or rather what did he do…ask the richman ask the ceasears ask the religious leaders it’s all in the bible……..

  9. ohhhh and a 23,000.00 marble toilet…..can you say he droppin so heavy shiiiiiiiiiiiiii what’s next silk toilet paper

  10. The problem with people and expecially African Americans is that we don’t read. We argue points very passionately with points that we have heard someone else use. There should be no debate regarding the lifestyles of the Levites. God’s word is very clear when you read more than one verse at a time. You can determine the will of God when you read his word and look at his characteristics. How did the Levites live throughout the bible? What does the bible say about the poor? What does the bible say about rich? After you do your research then you will have your answer, not based on what your heard or think but based on what you know.

  11. noirnoticvibe,
    how are they being “EXPOSED”? Everyone knows Bishop Long and Dr. Dollar have nice things. In order for something to be exposed, it has to be under wraps. What needs to be “EXPOSED” is the good they do in the community. People have a lot of opinions when it comes to these churches, but how many of you have been to the church when they had a clothing drive or contribute to the church so they can turn around and help those in need?

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