In the beginning

This is the beginning of the deadline cycle. Our latest issue has Fun World and Bishop Weeks on the cover. It’s a great issue. We stuffed alot of information in it.  I think everyone is just recovering from putting that issue out.

Right now, it’s pretty quiet around here.

We had a staff meeting and David, our photographer, brought our daughter, Zada, to the meeting. I have to admit, she showed out. In the middle of the meeting, she wanted to watch Barney. At 2 years old, pitching stories and discussing layout was not even the least bit interesting to her.  Uncle Glenn got her some apple sauce and juice, and that seemed to keep her happy. We’re just a big family over her.

Other than that, the meeting was very productive. We’re working on alot of articles for the October 1 issue. The meeting was also great because it’s one of the only times the entire staff is in the office together. You definitely need that to feel like you’re apart of the team.

We had a couple of people drop by. Ricky from The Granite City news dropped off the latest issue of his publication. Ricky does a great job of keeping the people in the City of Lithonia informed.

Well, right now, I should be working on the products page for the Real Estate Guide. So I guess I’ll wrap this up. If anything interesting happens, I’ll be sure to hop on the blog and keep you updated.

-T. Wash


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