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The OCG Newsroom

What goes on in our world

Here we are busy at work. Throughout the day, tons of people walk through the doors pitching stories, buying ads, and asking for papers and pictures. Since our office sits in the ever bustling Stonecrest Mall area, news is always happening. The police bike patrol had two young people on the ground right outside our office doors. A few days ago, Ann Nesby stopped by Sounds-N-Da-Hood next door as music artists usually do. And then there are customers like Marion Summers of the Marion Summers Salon in Stonecrest Mall, who stopped by to give us the latest update in the hair fashion industry.
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OCG Glossary

Here are a few phrases that are common around the office

“Thank ya’ll for giving us a try” –  I won’t be back tomorrow

“Stay in your lane” – get out of my business

“I’m going to stay in my lane” – I’m getting out of your business

“I’m on deadline” – I’m busy, busy, busy

“Nobody told you to charge my credit card” – This is unexpected (in a bad way)

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” – HURRY UP!

“And your point is” – (self explanatory)

“The best day of my life” – I’m blessed

“Ridicious” – Makes no sense

“Rat Na” – Right now

“There in lines the problem” = That’s why it is the way it is

“2 Checker Burgers with Cheese” =  Doing the same thing over and over again

It’s a hard time on deadline

Just got off the phone with a candidate for office. All of the candidates that I’ve interviewed were no problem. I asked my questions, the answered, the end. Then when I finally get in contact with one lady (who I’ve been calling all day), she wants special treatment. She’ll only answer my questions IF I email them to her.

Let me just say this, Don’t run for office if you don’t want the press calling you. It’s my job to call and get the story. That’s what we do here.

Don’t call or drop by on deadline

Okay people. The absolute WORST time to call or just “drop by” the office is on deadline. Unless you want to be cussed out, I suggest you stay put, hold your questions, keep your emails under wraps and just generally stay away.

It’s hilarious to see people that just don’t understand that deadline is not a happy time for us. When you have the office phone, the email, the cell phone and people coming in out, it’s hard to keep it calm and light. We try, I promise.  But sometimes the tension gets the best of all of us.  And we try not to take it personally when we are on the receiving end of The deadline syndrome. We’re just like family.

Last minute

Okay, we are officially on deadline, which means things are pretty heated around these parts. One skill that is crucial when you’re working here at On Common Ground is you have to know when someone is talking to you, and when they’re not.

Valerie will yell out instructions, PERIOD. so you always have to have one ear open to make sure the instructions pertain to you.

If you have bad nerves, this is not the place to be on deadline.

Did you get MY email?

Valerie gets about 200 emails a day. Her blackberry is constantly buzzing. So it’s funny when people call and say, “Did you get MY email”. Or when they send an email now, and an hour (and about 50 emails later) they send an email that says something vague like “Here’s the attachment.”

Strange Request

Today has been pretty quiet, especially since we’re on DEADLINE! We had another publication from another county call and ask if they could use our story in their paper. Of course you know the answer was NO WAY!!!  What do they take us for?

Anyway, a local business man stopped by today in his new CLS 500 Mercedes. That thing is NICE! I mean it is beautiful. Looks like it fresh off the lot.  WHEW must be nice. Maybe I’ll get a chance to take a ride around the block in it. If I do, I’ll let you know.

Till then, walk good